Posted by Andy Thomas on Dec 01, 2013

CTS Newsletter No.1, Christmas 2013

Welcome to the CTS Christmas Newsletter. We have had an exciting year, since I joined the company earlier this year. I am pleased to say that both UK and export sales are continuing to grow despite some of the worst trading conditions I can remember... fortunately; conditions have got better as the year progressed!

I can tell you that the company is now set to expand due to a significant input of new technologies. The philosophy of CTS historically has focussed on paint and resin spraying support products. Hence we have produced Tack Cloths to ensure clean surfaces before painting. Peelable coatings and paint denaturants for use in the spray cabins as well as paint removing hand cleaners for people, and paint removing chemicals for jigs and parts. These technologies have since found favour in other industries such as the asbestos removal industry, where Tack Cloths capture low levels of dangerous dust. Another example is the use of our peelable technology applied to PVA based mould release agents.

This year has seen the introduction of a new high quality, woven synthetic tack cloth (T-659) to meet the needs of the Automotive OEM industries.

Our range of Wipe products has been expanded from solvent based panel cleaning wipes to include Pre-treatment Wipes (Mordant solution), Graffiti Removing Wipes, Restoration Wipes, i-Wipes (rapid drying cleaning wipes) and Mould Cleaning Wipes.

Our new DCM free paint remover (C-400 “Jelly Strip”) has proven to be a world beater and in test has been shown to be significantly more effective than competing DCM free formulations and meets the same performance as our DCM based C-160.

We have extended our philosophy of avoiding or removing dirt particles in paint by offering weld anti-spatter (C-450) so customers can avoid metal particles on the work that is both unsightly and a source of corrosion.

We have had a complete review of all of our technical data sheets. If you are working from technical data sheets dated before May 2013 then there are updates available. We are also producing a number of case studies to give helpful tips on getting the best from our products. They include ideas for the correct use of tacky oven coatings, avoiding lint with Wipes, Picking up dangerous dust for asbestos removal and at nuclear power plants and using peelable coatings as a temporary protective of metal parts. Please send me an e-mail if you would like copies of these case studies or any updated technical data sheets.

In 2014 we plan to release further new technologies so watch this space!

On behalf of CTS may I thank you for purchasing from us and wish you and your colleagues Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous 2014.

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