Posted by Andy Thomas on Mar 20, 2015

CTS Newsletter No.4, March 2015

CTS are continuing to innovate and we are delighted to announce three new initiatives:

  • New clear pads and Anti dust floor mats (Tacky Mats).
  • New High performance lint free tack cloths.
  • New industrial spray-wash cleaners.

Tacky Floor Mats

Coating Technologies now supply anti- dust floor mats (Tacky mats). With thirty numbered layers, plus a base layer of sticky backed plastic, they can be stuck down to the floor in front of doorways to clean rooms and paint shops in order to catch any dust or contaminants on the soles of operator’s shoes.

Tacky Floor Mats

When the top layer becomes soiled, you simply peel it off to reveal a new tacky layer underneath. If you simply remove one layer per day, then each pad will last for six weeks (based on a five day working week) making them very economical in use.


Clear pads are a real innovation. They provide a convenient and cost effective method of covering windows and light covers with 10 clear layers plus the self-adhesive base layer. Simply apply the suitably sized clear pad to the clean window or glass light cover. Once the window becomes contaminated with paint overspray, peel off the top layer and discard it. Each layer is numbered so that you can easily estimate when the clear pad needs replacing. When you compare the cost of 11 stick on layers with the cost of applying a clear peel-able layer, it usually works out the same or less than the cost of the material alone. They save a lot of time or hassle not making 11 spray applications! Clear-pads – a new innovation from CTS!

CTS announce the launch of T-659 High performance tack cloths

T-659 is a superior quality Tack Cloths made using a synthetic woven cloth that has been impregnated with a tacky resin specially formulated to be compatible with paint systems. The Tack Cloths application is to act as a pre-paint wiping cloth to remove any unwanted specks of dust and dirt from the surface of the component to be treated.

Syntack Cloths

This tack cloth was designed to produce a strong snag resistant tack cloth to eliminate any risk of fibres that might spoil the painted surface. This photograph shows the difference in the fabric between an opened up, single layer, of a conventional cotton tack cloth on the right and the woven synthetic “Syntack” T-659 on the left.

Syntack Cloths magnified

This next image show the threads in each fabric magnified 300 times. As you can see, the synthetic fabric is free of loose ends, hence it makes a 100% lint free tack cloth.

C-510 neutral spray-wash cleaners

C-510 neutral spray-wash cleaners

CTS are pleased to announce the introduction of our new C-510 cleaning chemicals for use in spray-washing machines.

Unlike many harsh alkaline cleaning chemicals, C-510 is a soap solution made using mild amines rather than strong caustic chemistry. The result is surprisingly effective cleaning while the pH of the product at typical use concentrations is between 8.0 – 9.5 which is within most water authorities discharge limits (subject to the appropriate consents being in place) Making waste disposal much simpler.

In addition C-510 chemistry means it will clean without generating foam problems.

C-510 is used in multistage spray-washing machines for cleaning plastic and metal parts prior to painting.

C-510 can be used in single stage washing machines for cleaning engineered parts such as crank-shafts, motor blocks etc where the cleaner will act as an inhibitor to rusting. Parts washed with C-510 will not rust even after several days internal storage.

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