Posted by Andy Thomas on Dec 31, 2014

Press release: The new Syntack tack cloths

How do you wipe down a surface to be totally confident that it is dust free? Do you wipe it down with an alcohol soaked cloth and hope the cloth does not lose any lint? Do you clean it down with a pre-soaked wipe? Coating Technologies makes wipe cloths impregnated with various cleaning solutions but we have to admit that the non-woven fabrics used are good but can never be 100% lint free.

We could use a Tack Cloth, which is an adhesive impregnated cloth where a light wipe will catch all the surface dust particles. These work quite well, especially the lightly impregnated Tack Cloths but while the hairs on the fabric are tied down by the adhesive impregnant, they can still release fibres if they snag on any raised edge or points while wiping over the surface to be cleaned. Low cost Tack Cloths are made from cotton scrim folded over several times and can absorb a lot of adhesive which is a benefit in that they have a lot of adhesive power. On the other hand, if they are applied too hard there is a risk of adhesive transfer to the surface which rather spoils the whole idea!

In order to improve results, Tack Cloth suppliers moved to a higher quality cloth and there are several examples of non-woven synthetic tack cloths available. Unfortunately non-woven fabrics can still produce occasional fibres. This is not surprising if you consider that non-woven essentially means that they are made from a kind of felt that has been compressed to produce a strong fabric.

Coating Technologies have gone the extra step and have produced a synthetic woven tack cloth called Syntack T-659 which really does avoid the lint problem. The photograph below compares the difference between a conventional cotton tack cloth (on the right) that has been fully unfolded and Syntack T 659 on the left.

Competitors tack cloth and Syntack T 659 on the left

When you look at them under 300 time’s magnification under a digital microscope it is even more obvious. The Syntack Cloth is the left and the cotton fibres of the conventional cloth are on the right.

The tack cloths under 300 time's magnification

Coating Technologies also tell us that the cloth is white which means you can see when the cloth becomes soiled. Coating-Technologies also tell us that the adhesive coating weight has been kept to a minimum to avoid the risk of adhesive transfer to the surface that is being cleaned.

The Syntack T-659 high performance tack Cloths seem to be a real improvement over Tack Cloths and conventional wipes and a useful and simple to use weapon in the fight against dust and dirt.

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