Spray booth coatings

Spray booth coatings

CTS provide a number of speciality coatings to help the paint sprayer. Our peelable coatings are available in both fast drying solvent based products where returning the spray booth to immediate operation is essential and the more environmentally friendly water based coatings that take a little longer to dry. Our peelable coatings are available in white to maximise the light reflectance in the spray booth or clear for use over the windows and light fittings. Our peelable floor paint for use around the paint shop and mixing rooms is a neutral (buff) colour but coloured batches can be produced on request.

Standard spray booth coatings

Product Description
C-200 Solvent based white peelable coating. Contains toluene.
C-215 Solvent based clear peelable coating, Contains toluene.
C-220 Solvent based white peelable coating. Toluene free.
C-225 Solvent based clear peelable coating. Toluene free.
C-230 Water based white peelable coating.
C-250 Water based clear peelable coating.
C-240 Super tough, solvent based peelable coating for floors and where extra high strength is required. C-240 can also be used as a cocoon coating for long term storage of sensitive parts.

CTS heavy duty pastes

Our heavy duty pastes are for use in the subfloor areas and hidden areas of the spray booth. They are available in water resistant or easily washed off versions depending on use.

Product Description
C-175 White booth paste.
C-177WR White water resistant booth paste.

CTS anti-dust coatings

Our anti-dust coatings are available as a conventional tacky spray booth coating or with additional heat stabilisers so that it will retain tackiness for many weeks, even in hot (80°C) areas.

Product Description
C-180 Tacky spray booth coating.
C-190 Tacky oven coating.

Product Description
Clearpads 10 layers of self-adhesive clear plastic to cover spray booth windows. Simply apply to a clean window. Peel off the top layer when the window becomes contaminated, leaving nine layers. In this way the clean down is very fast and efficient.
Tack mats 30 layers of tacky self-adhesive plastic. Used outside the spray-booth entrance they trap dirt and dust from shoes that otherwise would contaminate the spray area. Simply peel off one layer at a time to renew the tacky surface.

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